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What a terrific way to escape the chaos of the holidays!  Take some time to design a holiday room or a series of rooms and you could win a prize!  Thanks to the group Challenges and Ideas for Design Addicts and Fans, Dreamhouse Designer is offering a different contest every week in December.  Jennifer Marie […]

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Win one of the most ancient games known to mankind…..

Ur, an ancient city in southern Mesopotamia, is thought to be the earliest known civilization in world history.  It is not surprising then, that the Royal Game of Ur is the second oldest set of board gaming equipment ever found, dating back earlier than 2600 BC (second only to the game of Senet).  Found in […]

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What is it about Chess?

There is an inherent romance to chess.  Did you know that Chess is one of the world’s most popular and beloved games with over 600 million players worldwide?  Early forms of chess are thought to have originated in India or Afghanistan sometime prior to 600 A.D!  Today’s chessmen were given their names by Europeans who […]

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