From our guest judge, artist Maderi:

This was very difficult.  You all possess a talent that I do not have, and your ideas have inspired me in a few new creations of my own.  A lot of my art is graphic art, and before I knew of DHD, I had envisioned some of the designs used as rugs or fabric.  Having some of my designs used in YOUR designs has been a great opportunity and I thank everyone for having me!


Colors.  I thought what kind of room would I like to live in?  If you were my interior designer, which rooms would I want you to create for me?

Patti Heider


Very inviting room.  I like how she used different patterns in subtle ways.  It has elements of a formal living room, yet feels inviting.  Not stuffy.  Styles are mixed as well.  I think what really popped out for me where the cabinets with the polka-dots on them.

Linda Modeen-Cortelli


I am a big lover of vivid colors.  It’s often hard to find furniture in fabrics that reflect my tastes, and this room takes seemingly innocuous and what I consider mundane sofas and chairs, and makes a living room that just-FITS so well.  I love the combination of goldenrod color with the purple.

Vitoria Wick


Bright and vivid colors win me over again.  Clean and not overy busy.  I like the minimalist effect, i.e., not too many patterns, no window coverings.


Artwork – I kept the object of the art in choosing these three rooms, and it was just as difficult to decide, if not more so!

Brandi Cameron


A great front room.  I would never have envisioned those shades of green.  The grey/black wood floor, the pattern in the rug, it all works in ways I cannot describe, around my art as the “star” of the show!


I’ve never been a fan of white furniture, but this would be my exception!  The rug design with the paintings pattern pulls all of the elements used together for me.  The portrait of the little girl makes it seem more real.  The butterfly wallpaper is again, something I would not normally like, but it’s a great choice for this room. 

Sara N Golder


I love the black lacquer frame.  I would never have thought to showcase it in that way, and it looks fabulous.  They heavy black of the room using modernish furniture pieces with the more traditional drapes, well, I like the mix. 

Congratulations to all the winners!! And thanks again to Suzann LaCour and Dreamhouse Designer for Addicts and Fans.  We are grateful, as always, for the incredible creativity our community provides.


The DH Team!

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