Filling the world with Love and Art

This Valentine’s Week is very special to us at Dreamhouse Designer. Through the last tumultuous year we have watched Dreamhouse evolve from a game to a lifestyle app. Our audience has become an incredibly tight knit community of artists, dreamers and friends.

We have so much to be grateful for, despite the technical hiccups and Facebook problems. To honor that Spirit of Love and Gratitude, we are lucky enough to be collaborating with artist Maderi, who will be judging this week’s Valentine’s Contest: Love and Art. Maderi was introduced to us by designer Suzanne LaCour, one of the admins of the fantastic group, Dreamhouse Designer Addicts and Fans, who has created a wonderful contest around Maderi’s original art.

These are the THREE PIECES that you may choose from in creating your room. When creating your design, keep the artwork as a focus and choose your color palette to showcase the art!

Happy Love

New Love

We will be doing more than the usual token winners for this contest! There is an EXCITING prize with special meaning behind it! See below:

The World Sends Love to Emily!

Original art to be given to Emily! Three Dreamhouse Designer winners will receive a special reproduction!

Three full size reproductions of the 8 X 10 original will be made (and signed) for the winners of the Dreamhouse Designer Love and Art Challenge.

No other prints will be made and the design will be archived.

The original will be given to Miss. Emily. She is a 14 year old girl that is battling an inoperable Choroid Plexus Carcinoma. I have asked my friends and family to send out prayers, positive energy, on a regular basis for this young girl. I decided that this would serve as a reminder that so many of us all over the world are sending healing thoughts and LOVE to her and her family.

Shipped via USPS

Please allow 10 business days as this has yet to be printed

This is a Giclee print, on archival paper, with a one inch white border to allow for framing and matting. Prints are NOT framed.



In doing my part to be kind to the planet, I use a lot of recycled canvases. Paintings or art in frames that people have discarded or donated. This makes for a unique painting that often includes some of the old art incorporated into the new design. I am never clear where a design is going until I pick out some colors and start applying the paint to the canvas. When I apply the India ink, the story unfolds itself from the shapes and colors.

I have no formal education in the arts. I am a citizen of the Universe and enjoy people wherever I go and however I find them. Their stories inspire me and are reflected in my works. I like art that makes me think. I rarely sign the front of my pieces as I feel it is up to the individual to decide how they would like to display or orientate them. I do sign and date the back of originals, hand numbering the limited edition prints.

I choose to use quality materials that reflect my social awareness and responsibility as a good steward of the Earth.

MADERI’S work can be found at

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