Twas the Night Before Christmas and our family is yelling at a board game!



A top quality, fun, board game from Family board Games to be exact.  Many families have a terrific holiday tradition of playing games on Christmas Eve.  NOT Xbox, Wii games, where you can experience sensory overload but real, honest-to-goodness traditional board games where everyone can join in, create teams or simply yell at one another over a game move (but in a friendly way!)  This year, Family Board Games, is offering a deluxe three game prize for the winner who can re-create this family scene. Check out these beauties!

493011 3x3 492022 5x5 300dpi 48-7010

And be sure to check out the Family Board Games website for wonderful deals on gifts the whole family and extended will love.  If you use the code QSKGHHG2 on 10 or more items you will receive %10 off! And just for fun- Can you spot the Chinese Checkerboard in either of these two holiday scenes from top level designers Ronnie Uncles Cutteridge and Bethany Watson?  Leave us a comment!

BethanyWatsonhidden RonnieUnclesHidden


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