Win one of the most ancient games known to mankind…..

Ur, an ancient city in southern Mesopotamia, is thought to be the earliest known civilization in world history.  It is not surprising then, that the Royal Game of Ur is the second oldest set of board gaming equipment ever found, dating back earlier than 2600 BC (second only to the game of Senet).  Found in the Royal Tombs of Ur by Sir Leonard Woolley in the 1920’s, this game is believed to be a possible predecessor to today’s backgammon.  The rules of the game as it was played in ancient Mesopotamia vanished with the people of Ur, although it is commonly believed to be a race game.  It is played with white and black sets of seven markers and three pyramidal dice (knucklebones were later used in Babylon during 177-176 BC).  Today, one of the original lavishly decorated boards retrieved from the Royal Tombs of Ur is exhibited in the collections of the British Museum in London.

Family Board Games is sponsoring our latest design challenge Entertaining the Egyptians! We are looking for lavish rooms with an Egyptian theme.  You will find terrific inspiration images on their fanpage and on the Dreamhouse Designer fanpage.  Winners will be selected by Hollywood production designer Robert Joseph (The Dark Knight Rises, Community.)The Grand Prize winner will receive a beautiful solid wood version of the game and two runner ups will receive 100,000 tokens!

Here are a few rooms to start your trip down the magical Nile…..


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