Science in the Kitchen!!! A new contest sponsored by UMIGO-yoU Make It GO!


Bean, Dizzy and Bit the lovable characters of UMIGO

Science touches every part of our lives but there is a tendency to regulate it to the classroom and the hospital.  But have you looked at your kitchen lately!  It is a world of science and biology meets design.  We are excited to announce a unique contest sponsored by an exciting new kids brand UMIGO!  UMIGO is all about exposing early math and science concepts to kids and families through music and fun.  This weeks’ contest will be the UMIGO Science Kitchen Lab.  Create a kitchen with the UMIGO colors, characters and groovy attitude.  We are looking for designs that incorporate kitchen science and tech in a fun way! Go to the UMIGO Facebook Page and share your creations.  Grandprize winner will win a $50 gift card! Runners up get 75,000 tokens! And as always, we encourage our designers to give a LIKE when you visit their FB page.


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