What is it about Chess?

There is an inherent romance to chess.  Did you know that Chess is one of the world’s most popular and beloved games with over 600 million players worldwide?  Early forms of chess are thought to have originated in India or Afghanistan sometime prior to 600 A.D!  Today’s chessmen were given their names by Europeans who probably were unable to pronounce the Persian names for them.  The six different chess pieces offer a snap shot of medieval life with its ceremonies, wars and grandeur.  They represent the very way in which the ordinary men and noblemen lived their lives during that era.  The next time you play chess, know that you belong to a tradition extending through thousands of years and generations, embracing all nations from the time of Egyptian Kings to the present day. Wonderful!  Thank you Family Board Games and Wood Expressions for sponsoring this contest and bringing the beautiful world of chess into our world of design. We are excited to see what rooms our players create for the “Pleasures of Chess” competition!  And remember designers, the holidays are fast approaching.  What a wonderful present-in these days of all things digital-a classic board game would be!

Create a room that features Chess!





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