Enter PILLOW MADNESS from Loom Decor


Wait until you create your own fabulous pillows at loomdecor.com!  We love Loom Decor’s wonderful patterns and flair for color and self-expression through design.  At Loom Decor YOU can choose the shape, size, pattern and trim to create your own pillows, drapes and more! We think you will love the patterns and colors.  It is another great way to play with interior design..but this time you can BUY what you create. The interface is easy to use and the snapit button works fine.


Starting today and ending early next week, Dreamhouse Designer and Loom Decor are offering PILLOW MADNESS a design challenge where we are asking designers to choose any room type (and we are encouraging multiple submissions) featuring pillows.  Use the  Snapdecor pillows and go to Loom Decor’s Facebook page.  They have a folder filled with terrific patterns that look great on pillows and walls.  Or do what we did and go crazy making lots of pillows and save them out as snapit items.  Here are some inspiration palettes and images from the Loom Decor site.

PLEASE show Loom Decor some love and LIKE their Fanpage.  They are looking forward to seeing your entries on their page so feel free to post!  Have fun!




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