Top Interior Designer Campion Platt is our newest judge!

Designer Campion Platt and two of his children.

Kids are back in school and looking for a place to do their homework.  Why not create a stylish area-bedroom, living room, even kitchen-for them to further their education? Interior designer Campion Platt was recently featured in the New York times with his children looking at creative workspaces for kids.  Check out the article Shopping for Children’s Workspaces. We’ve collected some terrific inspiration images-including some of the pieces discussed in the article.

P’Kolino desk from Bobby Berk Home

Prouve style desk from Kid’s Supply Company

Winners will receive 20,000 tokens.  Be sure to have the words BACK TO SCHOOL in your room titles.  Top designs will feature great organization, cool color combinations and some serious modern appeal.  Check out some of these beauties we found online.

Gorgeous color palette and organization opportunities!

The storage makes the room.

A small room always benefits from great design.


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One Comment on “Top Interior Designer Campion Platt is our newest judge!”

  1. jennifer marrero
    September 8, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    This is great Jes and Ruby!

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