The Scary Empty Room

No one wants to admit that an empty room can be a scary thing.  After all, Dreamhouse Designer is just a game and who cares if you mess up your perfect design vision on a virtual room-you can just click a button and change everything.  But creating something new, pulling new ideas out of your hat is HARD…even in our game.  The challenge is what makes it fun and creating something worth sharing can be exhilarating, but the process,virtual or not, can be daunting.

As a person who prides herself on being creative, I have hit a rut that feels like the Grand Canyon of ruts.  I have unfinished posts, novels, screenplays, rooms, journal entries all carefully jotted down in my to-do list and slowly eating at my sense of self-worth.  Sometimes I’m able to shake off the feeling of doubt but other times I hang my head and feel grateful that I can still copy an address onto a post it!  I find myself flipping through the hottest rooms on Dreamhouse Designer because often they inspire me because I know they often come from women (and sometimes men) who have surprised themselves with their own creativity. Generally people don’t look at an empty room with an exact plan in mind.  They browse, meander, try things out.  I’m trying that approach these days on a lot of things including parenting and relationships.  It isn’t easy but I know that great creativity often has to be a surprise rather than a plan of action.

What inspired you today?  Where you surprised?


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