contest: hip hotel

You are opening a hip Polynesian resort! Let’s get designing


  • Design EITHER the front desk/Lobby area or a Bedroom
  • You MUST use the curved sofa. It is either in the Campion Platt Store OR in the Snap Decor Store. (see image of couch below)
  • The background needs to have some sort of sand
  • The run time of this Contest is the day of March 8th. It ends on March 9th
  • Name your room ‘HIP HOTEL’
  • If you have more than one room name them ‘HIP HOTEL— something’

Curved Sofa

Good Luck to everyone and happy designing!

Enter Contest HERE


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One Comment on “contest: hip hotel”

  1. March 8, 2012 at 1:17 pm #

    I just finished my 8th room in 3 days, the “HIP HOTEL”, a contest is always fun, anyway, I clicked on the above that says: Enter Contest Here, and clicked on the here, but didn’t take me anywhere, do I do anything else.
    My other comments would be thank you for bringing me this needed solitude, I don’t do any of this at my own home, but dreams are good and I try to put each a personal touch to do a dream or memory.
    OH I think I blocked, I think that’s the emai, because every time a comment from anywhere came in it filled my yahoo, so even if you want to just get ahold of me through facebook, only one of me: Lorrene Randall Kohnhorst

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