design by jordana

Jordana has an eye for detail. Each room leaves no surface unattended.

Great use of textures! Love the use of stone on the door frame and base board.

Little hints of orange really adds depth to the room. Masterful space planning- it focuses your eye to the amazing view.

Cozy get away. Simple yet effective color palate.

Marvelous grand salon. The red accent wall is so fierce. Great textures.

Proficient¬†use of different hues of green. I’m weak in the knees for those striped camel back sofas.

Love the look? Go vote! Be sure to check out more FRESH DESIGNS on DreamHouse Designer!


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One Comment on “design by jordana”

  1. danielle garrett
    October 1, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Still can’t figure out how to get the books inside the cupboard! Any tips on how you did that?

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